A Vocational Prayer for Education, Students and Teachers


Dear Lord, 

As we come to you to honor vocations as a way our people serve you in the world, we are aware of the extraordinary ways that those in education reflect your character. Educators reflect your wisdom, your creativity, your patience, your diligence, and your love.  Lord, Your imprint is on each and every person contributing to education and like you, they yearn to bring structure out of chaos through offering paths to wisdom and truth. Whether it is through showing the order of numbers, the beauty of a well written passage, the magnificent intricacy of a cellular process, or the power of a well done spreadsheet or marketing plan, education allows us to understand a little more about the world you created and through that to understand you.  

Lord may we be aware that the falls impacts all work, including education.  We ask for your forgiveness in the many ways educators and students may exhibit their personal brokenness which can show up so many ways from  - overwork to sloth, jealousy, creating an idol of education, being smug about the role of the educators versus other vocations, or relying on oneself to use education as the savior instead of you.  Lord we ask for your forgiveness regarding the systemic problems in education - for the unequal access in our community and beyond.

You have in your loving and wonderful way placed each and every person in education in their roles as part of your plan to redeem all of creation.  And Lord you sent us the perfect teacher in your son Jesus Christ. May we rest in all that he has done for us. Please use these educators and students as part of your story for Nashville and beyond.  And we ask all this in the name of your son Jesus Christ, the best teacher in the history of the world. Amen. 

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