A Q&A with Greg Adams, COO of the State of Tennessee

The Nashville Institute for Faith and Work is excited to welcome Greg Adams for our September Faithfully Working Lunch on September 20 from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Read below to see a few thoughts he has to offer as a preview for his talk:

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Q: What intrigues you most as you consider the concept of working faithfully?

A: How we live out the calling to do our work with excellence unto the Lord and our mission of declaring His glory through our actions as we interact with co-workers/people naturally.

Q: Can you name specific examples of ways you see faithfully working played out in your various industries (business, political, etc.)?

A: In both business and government, I have seen faithfully working most clearly played out when one is being mistreated or how one responds in difficult times. An attitude of hope, gentleness and reverence in the situation and towards authority is a stark contrast on the way non-Christians think. It often causes them to reflect on your behavior and ask where this comes from.

Q: Do you believe it's possible for those transitioning in and out of different industries to continually exhibit faithfully working? And if so, how is that possible?

A: It is possible, but you need the right perspective. If I believe my transition is all about me, money, status, and retirement then I will struggle with faithfully working. However, if I believe my work, and any transitions, are connected to God's bigger purpose, where I see His provisions and His management over my work life, then it is possible to exhibit faithfully working.

Greg Adams serves as Chief Operating Officer for the State of Tennessee. He joined the governor’s senior team in July of 2013 after working for IBM for 36 years. Adams was a member of the company’s senior leadership team, most recently as a managing director in the financial services sector. In the governor’s ongoing effort to make Tennessee the best managed state in the nation, Adam’s role is to work with state departments to ensure they’re operating in the most efficient way possible. For more, click here.

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