Entrepreneur Support Group

The entrepreneur sees a vision that perhaps no one else can. Yet, holding that aspiration, while working in the pressures of reality, is isolating.

The day-to-day stressors of being an entrepreneur can easily eclipse that core reason many entrepreneurs pursue their work: to create something new out of nothing, or to fix the status quo.

Payroll. Investors. Competition. Go-to-market strategies. Hiring. Firing. Burnout. Even the latest life hacks or "it" books that fulfill a need and set revenue inertia in the positive direction can exacerbate the burdens of continued success and need to posture.

It's in the posturing that confusion abounds. What is real? What is aspiration? And how in the world is this part of God’s unfolding story?

God’s ever-present hand is in the midst of our daily work. Creating something from nothing - the ex nihilo work of His hands - is His greatest work. It's what entrepreneurs do, too, and He’s placed others in Nashville navigating the same ups and downs, ebbs and flows—riding the same roller coaster.