Blain Wease on Serving Your Network


Your network can be one of the most valuable assets in your business, but as a Christian in the workplace, do you consider what it would mean to serve your network while growing it? 

Recently the Nashville Institute for Faith & Work sat down with Blain Wease, President of Provincial Development Group, who will share on “Growing versus Serving Your Network” at our upcoming October 23 Faithfully Working Lunch.

Tickets are going fast for this gathering, so reserve your seat and join us on October 23.

Question: What have you learned about integrating your faith into your work in the past few years?

Blain Wease: Divine partnership and the importance of mystery.

Q: What idols most plague you in a working environment?

BW: Allowing my work to become too much of a priority.

Q: Why do you think it is as important to serve your network while growing it?

BW: Because service is essential to the nature of genuine faith.

Q: How does your network impact your faith?

BW: We are not designed to operate void of relationship.

Q: How does your faith impact your network?

BW: [By] giving and investing in them, [and] seeing the person first, [while] discerning the nature of the relationship.

Q: Where do you feel your network at tension with Christianity?

BW: [I feel it in] responding to people that are on a very different page, or [when] their approach to business is incompatible.

Q: How does the image of God being imprinted on every person affect and influence the way you enter into networking and connecting?

BW: It’s a fundamental reminder, and [it] also requires faith to know and understand my role, whether big or small, or not at all.

Meet the Speaker

Blain Wease is the Founder & President of the Provincial Development Group, a Nashville-based professional services firm that advises Wealth Management Firms on the business side of their practices. Their work focuses on five primary aspects: Leadership, Strategy, Team & Culture, Client Services & Experience and Growth. Blain has experience in a wide variety of professional roles, beginning as an entry-level sales associate, to serving as a senior level executive, and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur. Regardless of the position or title, his contributions have consistently served as a catalyst to the growth of profitable revenue in a healthy, sustainable manner and developed leaders to maximize their impact for good. In addition to the client work that Blain enjoys, he is a frequent speaker at various conferences and events.

In 2012, Blain founded the Nashville Leadership Luncheon, which is held at the Bridgestone Arena and has grown into one of the region’s premier leadership events. It attracts a notable guest list of entrepreneurs, senior-level executives and aspiring leaders. The event is hosted in partnership with the Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena.

Blain was the past Board President of the Scott Hamilton Foundation, a Nashville based organization, dedicated to fighting cancer through innovative research that facilitates treating the disease, while sparing the collateral damage to the patient. Blain has routinely served in several other charitable and community-based roles.

He was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Blain has been married for more than twenty-five years to his wife Shaloma, and they have four children. Their family resides just outside of the beautiful Nashville Metro Area.