Creating a ‘Symphony’ Out of the Broken Areas in Your Job


What place does redemption have in your work?

And, how could reconciliation of relationships, systems, and processes impact your work?

A recent piece in The Atlantic tells that story.

It’s one of instruments - the damaged and discarded instruments from one school system - played by professional musicians and student players in order to demonstrate their potential.  

They played them in their broken states. Some of the instruments barely resembled what they were designed to do and didn't make the sounds they were intended to make.

Yet, somehow, the noise from the broken instruments enticed the symphony to support and fix them.

“Making new art,” the author notes, “is the best redemption imaginable for a broken instrument.”

So what are the broken reeds and bent trombones in your industry?

Depending on your line of work, this question could feel confusing. However, regardless of industry, work sphere, or title, we all experience broken systems on a daily basis that demand attention, affection, and action.

The same applies across each and every industry.

So as you engage your work in a new way, adopt an action-oriented intentionality that improves and redeems the "faulty trumpets" and "dented saxophones" you experience on a day-to-day basis.

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