Are You 'Cheering for the Underdog' at Work?


What is your framework for redemption and reconciliation? How do you handle the tension between your faith and the inherent brokenness of your day-to-day work in your workplace and industry?

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall highlighted his view of this question while speaking about inmates at NIFW's forum, Redemption Through Innovation.

"I've always thought of Christianity as being defined as cheering for the underdog," Hall said. "It's just who I am.

"But to be honest with you, in my job, they're all underdogs. The reality of why I do what I do is because I want to do something about why rather than just focusing on the person and what they have done."

Hall, at the time, noted that 3 out of 10 people arrested on the streets of Nashville every day suffer from mental illness.

I’ve always thought of Christianity as being defined as cheering for the underdog. It’s just who I am.

"It is a crime in itself how society arrests people for an illness," Hall said. "And we house them and treat them in an environment that you would call horrendous."

Those of us in other careers probably do not work with the level of brokenness as our Sheriff, but we all likely have a team member who needs greater understanding beyond simply performance or intent. And we all have broken systems that exacerbate problems in the workplace.

How are you fighting for the underdogs and seeking out the why behind each of the who’s in your day-to-day vocational spheres?

You can watch the full clip of Sheriff Hall's comments below:

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