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Do You Want More From Your Work?

Day-to-day work. Sunday morning church.

Too often, the combination of the two creates tension—practically, ethically, emotionally, relationally, and politically. So we either build a metaphorical wall between the two or ascribe to a truncated, terse version of faith in the workplace.

But what does God want for us and from us in our work?

Many of us engage in self-help, leadership or other personal development study, taking hard looks at our personal efforts. But what if we applied that kind of examination blended with the Gospel to both our personal lives and to the broken systems around us in our work? How could we shine light into both of those places at the same time?

We believe God entrusts us with our vocations because He promises that our toil, identity, questions, plans, and interactions with our industries are rooted in Him and in eternity. At the same time, He wants to meet us personally and impact our hearts so that, through Him, we can shine light on whatever work He sets before us.

Gotham explains how and why.

Gotham is neither a Bible Study nor Executive Education, but somehow it is both. It is the single best way I have seen to apply the Gospel to your work life in a disciplined fashion over a period of ten months, I watched several cohorts experience Gotham in New York City and saw first hand the change individuals experienced in both their professional and personal lives. Gotham offers Biblical truth in a close community applied to your work; it is transformational.
— Scott Sauls, Senior Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church


Each of us carries the opportunity and responsibility to understand how theology can—and should—inform our work, no matter the industry. As we desire deeply to know Him and acknowledge His sovereignty in our personal lives and in our workplaces, our heart change informs the refreshed work of our hands and impacts the city.

Gotham fosters a transformation of personal heart posture and external work systems. Through this nine-month intensive, individuals will bridge the sacred-secular divide in their work and answer the question:


Developed for influencers in a variety of industries, Gotham combines:

  • Theological learning,

  • Deep spiritual formation,

  • Intense community development, and

  • A culminating pivotal renewal project applied to your particular sphere of influence.

Blending tools, relationally-driven context, and intentional space to engage, Gotham is an opportunity for individuals to understand God’s sovereignty as they examine and reveal elements of a life lived with faith and work intrinsically intertwined. As each discovers his or her role in God's unfolding story, each is mobilized to impact the city of Nashville through day-to-day work and special projects, in a variety of sectors, leadership levels, or spheres of influence.

Gotham Nashville is franchised from the Center for Faith and Work in New York City, founded under the leadership of Tim Keller. Nashville’s 80-plus alum join a network of more than 400 Gotham graduates from several cities around the globe who each engage in continual heart renewal and systematically shining light into the dark places of their work as Christ calls.


Through Gotham, individuals examine and reveal how a life lived with faith and work intrinsically intertwined enables a greater understanding of God’s sovereignty and his unfolding story for the world. Through Gotham, participants will:

  • Establish solid theological foundations from teachings and readings that include bedrock theologians such as Augustine and Calvin along with modern voices like Tim Keller and David Brooks, which together deepen a Gospel worldview.

  • Cultivate spiritual discipline and improved desire to discern God’s voice through guided daily devotional practices.

  • Reach new levels of authenticity through a commitment to and modeling of cohort-based accountability, transparency, discussion and encouragement, and relationship-building with mentors and facilitators.

  • Reflect and converse about real-life experiences of living, working, and enacting change in Nashville, and other critical conversations necessary for paradigm shift and heart change.

  • Develop a deeper love for Nashville through exposure to the city’s history, arts , healthcare business culture, entrepreneurism, and justice systems.

  • Develop a strategy for cultural renewal via a practical project that shines a light on the dark places that exist in your sector.

All of this happens in the context of diverse, rich community. Participants span ages from 20s to 70s, represent ethnicities and races that make up Nashville, include various industries, and are inclusive of Christian denominations. Taking all into account, individuals commit to an intentional collective which renews the heart, impacts the complex and diverse culture of Nashville, and ultimately frees us to be agents of human flourishing throughout the world.

Each year I meet a number of extraordinary ... people who are experiencing the transforming power of the gospel personally and hunger for intensive theological training, mentoring and peer support to become effective instruments of Christ’s power to renew our culture. We’ve been praying for the leadership and congregational support of this Fellows Program for a long time.
— Dr. Timothy Keller


Gotham cohorts are carefully selected by a committee with a desire to create a fruitful learning environment for leaders.

The ideal candidate is a mid- to high-level influencer employed in Nashville and carrying three to 50 years of working experience. Cohorts are targeted to be an even split of men and women between the ages of 25 through 75 of various races and denominations, working in various fields, such as law, music, education, government, nonprofit, design, medicine, and business. While many of our other programs welcome and encourage the participation of non-believers, Gotham is most appropriate for committed Christians. The perspectives included in this particular learning community is integral to the impact of program.

Gotham runs from late August through early May and includes the following meetings and independent work:

  • Weekly two-hour class sessions to meaningfully discuss theological content, apply learnings to workplace applications, and engage in spiritual formation.

  • Weekly homework including 2-3 hours of readings from seminal texts and daily devotions.

  • A culminating cultural renewal project to shine light in your sphere of influence.

  • Four “In the City” Saturdays for natives and transplants alike, focused on deepening a love for and understanding of the city of Nashville. These Saturdays include a Nashville walking tour and civil rights orientation, an extensive jail tour and time with our Sheriff, a music studio tour and arts panel discussion, and a morning focused on the evolution of healthcare business in Nashville.

  • Three overnight retreats at the luxurious Evins Mill Resort at the beginning, middle, and end of the Gotham journey to frame and focus learning and spiritual growth.

To apply, visit the 2019-20 Gotham Application Form. Applications include short answer essays that help the committee understand your leadership potential, commitment to Nashville, and desire to be in the program.

Applications will be accepted beginning April 1 with a priority deadline of May 1. June 1 is our regular admission deadline, and applications will be accepted after June 1 on a rolling basis as space permits.

Gotham tuition for 2019-20 is $1,379 per individual, which covers licensing fees, copyrighted manual fees, overnight retreat costs, and administrative costs. Applicants who apply before the May 1 priority deadline, pending acceptance, will be eligible an early-bird tuition of $979.

Tuition covers the following:

  • Nine months of weekly class teachings

  • Three overnight retreats including lodging and meals

  • Six Gotham texts

  • Four city field trips

  • Weekly coffee and snacks

Tuition does not include paperback or electronic books, which are purchased independently by each participant.

Gotham tuition covers only about 50 percent of the cost of administering the program. Tuition is heavily subsidized by grants from generous supporters.


The Gotham 2019-2020 Application is now closed.
applications reopen spring 2020. click the button below To Be Notified upon Its release.