Congratulations on making the decision to apply to Gotham. We believe the program is transformational; past participants in New York, Nashville, Dallas, Orlando and several cities in Asia agree. After an intensive year of study and  spiritual growth, we hope you will be further equipped in your job to live day-to-day in the message of the Gospel.


How to apply to Gotham:

  1. Read about the program to make sure you understand the time commitment and purpose.
  2. Click on the application link above or below.
    1. Tell us briefly how you became a Christian. (250 words)
    2. Briefly explain the gospel in your own words. (250 words)
    3. Who or what has most significantly influenced your spiritual growth? (250 words or less)
    4. What is the greatest trial, disappointment, or struggle that you have faced in your life, and how did you respond? (100-500 words)
    5. What have been the most difficult issues regarding faith and work integration in your life? (250 words or less)
    6. How did you land in Nashville and what is your commitment to the city? (100-250 words)
  3. Email the following link to two people wiling to submit recommendations on your behalf. At least one of them should be able to talk about your leadership in your work setting and at least one should be able to talk about your desire for spiritual growth. Family members should not be recommenders.
  4. Applications submitted by May 1 will be considered early applications.  Decisions for early applications will be emailed no later than July 1. You will have seven days to confirm your participation.
  5. Tuition for Gotham is $675 per participant, which covers tuition, overnight retreat costs, licensing fees, some material costs, and some administrative fees. Tuition does not cover all of our costs and therefore we do not profit on the program. We will offer financial aid to a limited number of candidates. Please do not let cost be a deterrent to applying. Please email if you would like information for your church or employer to help you request outside tuition assistance.
  6. Gotham participants need to be committed to full participation, which means attending 85 percent of class meetings and 100 percent of the three overnight retreats. Please check your calendar for the following retreat dates to make sure that you are able to fully participate.
    1. August 25-26, 2017
    2. January 12-13, 2018
    3. April 26-27, 2018