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Completing Capitalism: Heal Business to Heal the World with Mars, Inc.'s Jay Jakub

  • Nisolo 1803 9th Avenue North Nashville, TN, 37208 United States (map)

Business has an expectation to maximize returns for shareholders. But, in the analytically rigorous and practical book "Completing Capitalism: Healing Business to Heal the World," Bruno Roche and Jay Jakub, of Mars, Inc., propose a model of capitalism that delivers superior financial performance precisely because it mobilizes and generates human, social, and natural capital along with financial capital. Sponsoring and hosting the event is Nisolo, a Nashville social impact fashion label committed to developing beautiful, quality products and ensuring that everyone—from the first supplier to the end consumer—is treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. We are excited to gather with Jay for a forum on the "economics of mutuality" at Nisolo on February 1, 2018.

Jay Jakub, Senior Director of External Research at Mars, Incorporated / Catalyst


Dr. Jay Jakub is the Senior Director of External Research at Mars, Incorporated / Catalyst. Mars is a global Food & Beverage company headquartered near Washington, D.C. with approximately 80k associates and >$35bn in annual revenues. It is known for iconic brands such as M&Ms, Snickers, Mars Bar, Dove chocolate, Pedigree, Whiskas, Caesar’s, Wrigley gum, Uncle Ben’s Rice and many more. Catalyst, which was initially established in the 1950s, is the internal corporate think tank of Mars and is responsible for developing transformational solutions for the business across a variety of disciplines. It reports to a steering group chaired by the CEO. Jay serves as principal deputy to the Mars Chief Economist / Managing Director of Catalyst. He co-leads the Mutuality Laboratory, which has developed a new business model & non-monetized metrics to help move the company (and other organizations) from a profit maximization model to a holistic value optimization approach across Shared Financial Capital, Social Capital, Human Capital, and Natural Capital. He also supervises the work of the Culture Laboratory, which does M&A integration and Strategy ‘smoothing' for Mars. Jay's doctorate is from St. John's College, Oxford. He is married with two teenage children.

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