Career Discernment Program


The pains that come with wanting something different in your profession can make the brokenness of work feel overwhelming. It is in the times of deep desire for new work when we begin to wonder if we are fulfilling God’s call on our life. With the average professional working 2,000+ hours per year, shouldn’t we align our gifts and circumstances as best we can?

Whether you are actively looking for a job or considering a career change, the Career Discernment Program will help you hear your Caller and thus empower you to embrace your work with more clarity, assurance, and confidence.

The program provides individual coaching sessions to assist professionals struggling to identify and follow their workplace call. Our coaches walk alongside clients to help them hear their Caller more clearly. Clients will receive an accurate view of personal strengths and translate into a practical strategy to put those findings into action.

We have two options that will serve your unique needs. Both programs include:

  • Sessions with a personal, seasoned coach.

  • A minimum of three online assessments to objectively identify strengths.

  • An executive summary outlining unique profile and recommendations of three to five paths for clients to explore/pursue the next stage in their life.

The Deluxe program offers further help in specific areas to forward the action and deepen the learning.

Your dedication to this process will culminate with:

  1. A new understanding of your purpose.

  2. A deeper sense of God’s ever-present hand in your life.

  3. Discovery of new things about yourself and confirm some things you suspected.

  4. How your personal assets (and liabilities) connect to specific career options.

  5. Three to five career paths to explore for your next season in life.

  6. Understanding of, in a more profound way, how your unique career path connects with a Gospel perspective on life and work.

Contact us for pricing, to learn more, or to begin understanding your calling with practicality.

“After participating in the VOCA program, I now have an entire ‘playbook’ on me. My ‘playbook’ has clearly revealed my God-given gifts and has dramatically equipped my decision making and overall career discernment. The in-depth Highlands Ability Battery, Myers-Briggs, and 360 feedback validated some things I already knew about myself but absolutely revealed much more about my strengths, how I best learn and apply that to my work. I am so grateful for this program and would recommend it regardless of employment status.”
— Todd Foster, Healthcare Sales Professional

We are grateful to partner with the VOCA Center of New York City, NY to bring the Career Discernment Program to Nashville, TN. Through this partnership, we are able to equip all professionals, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders and more with the tools to identify their calling and purpose within God’s unfolding story. Learn more about the VOCA’s Center’s faith-based experiences here and market facing services here.